The Wombats finally announce new album + streaming of new track!

Liverpool’s Indie-Pop trio are finally back with their new album, entitled “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life”. The album will be released on February 96h, via Kobalt Music.
“Lemon To A Knife Fight” is the first song that they share with us. Here’s Matthew Murphy’s words about the song;
“Lemon to a Knife Fight came around after my wife and I had a huge argument on Mulholland Drive. I’d been watching tons of David Lynch too, the song just kind of fell out of me.”

Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’ Track Listing
1. Cheetah Tongue
2. Lemon to a Knife Fight
3. Turn
4. Black Flamingo
5. White Eyes
6. Lethal Combination
7. Out Of My Head
8. I Only Wear Black
9. Ice Cream
10. Dip You In Honey
11. I Don’t Know Why I Like You But I Do